Zhuhai Initial Entropy Energy is a pioneering inverter manufacturers of energy-storage solutions for both residential & worthwhile use, which include micro inverters, grid-tied PV inverters, off-grid inverters, three phase PV inverters, hybrid storage inverters, solar energy storage batteries and portable power stations.After installing solar energy equipment, our customers use solar resources to save electricity costs for their families. They could check the system status from the mobile APP everywhere and anytime.

We hold gaining many patents in inverter circuit design. Our company is committed to providing customers with the safest and most efficient solar energy solutions, and we have professional technology that provides the best service to customers around the world. Under the goal of carbon neutrality, the use of solar energy for clean energy has become an important way. After installing our solar energy equipment, when the sun shines on the solar panel, the electricity generated by the solar energy is stored in the battery. When the power grid is turned off, the stored electricity is converted into AC power through the PV inverter, so as to ensure the continuous power supply of the household and the normal use of electrical appliances.

Our solar energy storage system is a solution based on the electricity consumption of the household. According to the usage of the household appliances, we can help you provide a suitable solar energy system plan. We’ve got years of revelin imparting a solution for your needs. Our core goal is to provide customers with convenient, economical and suitable solutions.

We are one of the excellent inverter manufacturers in China. We have strong teams and our engineers have more than 20 years of experience. The fast lead time and high quality is our purpose. Also, we have a 5-10 year warranty. I believe our products and our service could be your good choice. You may move on to our company website.

Our website: https:// ieetek. com/

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