A bit of another metal is add to Tennis Necklace sterling silver for durability. 925 Sterling Silver EarRings is made almost entirely of pure Rainbow Ring silver.

Why you should buy 925 Sterling Silver EarRings?


The lustrous surface of sterling silver. Even when mixed with other metals, sterling silver looks identical to lustrous fine silver, which is why copper is the most popular metal for mixing with silver. The metallic tone of copper does not alter sterling silver’s durability. Even a trained jeweler can’t tell the difference between sterling silver and fine silver based solely on appearance. So, if you are worried that sterling silver won’t maintain the same shining glow and color as fine silver, put your worries to rest.


Metals such as silver are soft, malleable metals – they are not known for their robustness or strength. Table wear, coins, and jewelry need to hold their shape for them to be practical – due to this, it is an unsuitable material for any functional item.

Silver’s beauty is combine with none of its weaknesses in sterling silver. The strength and durability of sterling silver allow it to be crafted into anything from intricate serving platters to diamond-encrusted tiaras. Silver can not only be admired but used as well.


The price of pure silver is higher than that of sterling alloy, so an artisan needs to invest more in materials when designing jewelry. As a result, silver is less attractive for commercial jewelry making thanks to this requirement, which significantly raises the price of the final product.

Alternatively, sterling silver is a cost-effective metal. Combined with its high strength, this quality makes it an excellent material for a wide range of applications.


Tinting is the gradual darkening and dulling of metals caused by the presence of sulfur in air and also water. The corrosion of metal leads to a loss of shine and brightness.

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