Lean Six Sigma Yellow belt disciplined methodology promotes various aspects of business management, improves leadership skills, saves time, and promotes cost-efficiency for managers.

Reducing mistakes and deficiencies is one of Six Sigma’s main goals. To improve performance and reduce variations in processes that lead to errors, organizations can increase profits, improve quality, and boost employee morale through Six Sigma.

1. Executive

Within the Six Sigma hierarchy, executives represent the highest level of leadership.

2. Champion

At a senior or middle executive level, the Six Sigma Champion is important in working with executives.

3. Master Black Belt

A Master Black Belt is an expert in Six Sigma methodology, resources, and practices. It is also responsible for coaching and training other Black Belts.

4. Black Belt

A Black Belt is a full-time professional primarily responsible for managing Six Sigma projects.

5. Green Belt

In addition to helping Black Belts with their projects, Green Belts often lead smaller projects

6. Yellow Belt

As a Yellow Belt, you can incorporate Six Sigma’s basic metrics and improvement methods into an organization’s production processes.

7. White Belt

Six Sigma White Belts provide the most basic introduction to the principles and methodologies of the program for those who are new to the program.

The Power of Six Sigma

For managers and their organizations, Six Sigma practices can bring various potential benefits. For example, as General Electric began implementing Six Sigma in 1995, the processes produced more than $2.5 billion in cost savings annually.

No matter what industry or business a manager or company leader works in, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt‘s analytic processes can help them advance their careers and help their organizations succeed.

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