Your body’s tissues require oxygen to function. Red blood cells generally transport this oxygen throughout the body. Therefore, more Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber oxygen is needfor tissues to survive and recover after an injury.

Due to the restricted capacity of red blood cells to carry oxygen, Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber enables your blood plasma to deliver critical oxygen to your wounded tissues.

Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber

The plasma is super-saturated with oxygen by applying pressure to the body while breathing just 100% oxygen.

The plasma then serves as a delivery system for oxygen to tissues that have been damage by, among other things, direct trauma, radiation from cancer treatment, swelling or edoema, and diabetic vascular disease. Tissues experience hyperoxia when exposed to Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (higher than normal levels of oxygen)

The tissues hurt when you are not in a hyperbaric environment and are hypoxic (lower than normal oxygen levels). This significant shift in Hyperbaric Oxygen tensions, known as neovascularization, encourages the development of new blood vessels in these hypoxic regions.

1. Improves Patients’ Quality of Life
2. Has No Downtime after HBOT Chamber Session
3. Shortens Healing Time for Injured Tissues
4. Stimulates Stem Cell Release
5. Decreases Body’s Inflammatory Responses
6. Decreases Healing Time for Injured Tissues

Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber

The Operation Of A Hyperbaric Chamber

Additionally, HBOT exposure promotes bone marrow stem cell release. These stem cells locate damaged tissue and initiate healing. They create new blood vessels when they target tissues with insufficient blood supply; this process is known as vasculogenesis.

White blood cells aid in bacterial eradication. It takes a lot of oxygen to create the superoxide radicals that kill germs. Tissues with poor blood flow can’t deliver the quantities of oxygen required for effective bacterial eradication.

The oxygen required to maximize the efficiency of the body’s natural defense system to fight invasive microorganisms is provided by hyperbaric oxygen.
It has also been demonstrated that Hyperbaric Chamber Costs the body’s inflammatory response. This is essential for the survival of skin grafts and transplanted flaps.

Hyperbaric Sleep Chamber

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