The shaman charcoal is the world’s first naturally derived coconut charcoal for hookahs that is completely natural. We have created charcoal that produces incredible heat and remains stable for over an hour. Thanks to our patented carbonization technology and careful selection of the highest calorific coconut shell, it never compromises its properties.

Our award-winning charcoals are designed to give you more time to enjoy yourself and your Hookah since you don’t need to change the coals every time.

shaman charcoal

  • It Burns longer than any other charcoal
  • The ash content must be less than 2%
  • Ideal size for long periods of smoking
  • Suitable for Kalouds and Foils
  • Coconut Shells are 100% natural

Kaloud Lotus

Kaloud Lotus hookah bowls are among our favorite upgrades, but you have to ensure your bowl is compatible with them. In addition to extending your hookah smoking session, the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System will reduce the amount of coal you use and give you a cleaner, more flavorful smoke.

This bowl is a perfect match for your Lotus. As one of the easiest bowls to use, it’ll give you a perfect session each time. These bowls also come with inserts that hold the shisha inside the silicone shell. In addition, Vitria Bowls have a variety of metallic finishes to choose from in aluminum.

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