A high-speed spindle allows us to reach higher removal rates, increasing our productivity and lowering the price. This spindle allows us a competitive edge and pricing.

Cutting forces and heat generation are lower at a higher speed, which means a lower risk of tool diversion or work piece deformation. It is essential in any precious engineering but is especially crucial when working with thin walls or made from tough metals.

The high-speed spindle is not without its risks, and there are several factors, including the cutting tool, the machine and the material used, and the machinist, all come into play.

Er11 spindle chuck

The ER collet system has many advantages when using computerized milling machines. The most crucial advantage is the flexibility to hold any spherical shank tool.

Here we highlighted five significant advantages of the Er11 spindle chuck.

  • High Quality: This collet is made of superior steel, shank with bonding nut to be tightened.
  • Safe: The diameter of the extension rod and the other elements are precisely ground to eliminate imbalance and promote cutting safety.
  • Ideal for deep processing: The processing allows you to go deeper into the process.
  • Well packed: This collet is well packed in a secure container with a safe shipping and storage label.

Widely used: It is generally used in milling, boring, tapping, drilling, grinding, and other processes. For you, this is an excellent substitute.

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