The tungsten carbide tips are common materials found on different cutting tools like lathe bits, saw blades, router bits, dental drilling tips and drill bits. The carbide bits are popularly used in these tools mainly because it helps in keeping the tools stay sharp for a very long time. In addition to this, there are certain ball-point pens that use carbide balls as it helps the pens in lasting for a very long time.

The carbide tips are duly brazed and have the ability of holding edge around ten to twenty times longer in comparison to a tool steel tip. However, these tips are likely to get dull eventually. They can be sharpened using the same techniques that are used with tool steel. But since they are very hard, it is important to use a completely different abrasive.

The Tungsten carbide bar is widely used in different industrial production procedures because of its versatility and stability. The varied sets of these highly robust and useful products are not just good in their performance and quality but they are highly durable as well. And thus they are worth every single penny spent by the buyer. They are high density products used for construction procedures and even for industrial manufacturing procedures. The best thing about these products is they have the ability of matching the varied requirements of the procedures they are used for.

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