If you haven’t tried them, how can you decide which blush, highlighter, contour palette, and setting powder are ideal for oily skin?

To determine which setting powders and blush highlighter palettes are the best, you have spent the previous month testing the most popular ones across several platforms. See my conclusions by scrolling down!

9 Techniques for Setting Makeup

Utilizing setting powder is one method of securing your makeup. Throughout the day, it will aid in keeping shine and oil under control.

Utilizing a blush highlighter contour palette is an additional method. It will aid in adding colour and dimension to your skin.

For light/medium skin tones, the best setting powders

It can be difficult to find the best setting powder for oily skin, but we’ve got you covered. Find your new favourite by looking through our list of the top setting powders for oilier skin types.

After a long day, using smudge proof mascara is essential to preventing raccoon eyes, and what better way to achieve this than by making sure your smokey eye doesn’t appear accidental?

Take a look at these excellent mascaras that you can use all day without them smudging or running.

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