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Know About the Basics of Dolpo Trek Trips

Location Details

Dolpo location can be accessed from the airstrip in Jufal, Dolpa district. You want to fly from Nepalgunj to Jufal. The hiking takes from the airstrip to SheyPhoksundo Lake and back to the airport again. From the airstrip, you fly again to Nepalgunj. There is an allowed rate of us dollars in line with individual according to a week for hiking in the decrease Upper Dolpo Upper Mustang Trek. Except there may be a one-time entry charge of rupees 1,000 (US dollar 15) into the SheyPhoksundo country-wide Park. You want to arrange for the meals and accommodation. It takes around two weeks to finish the trek.

Time & Weather Condition

DolpoJomsom Trek is the trekking from Jumla to Jomsom or vice-versa. You can fly to Jumla from Nepalgunj or to Jomsom from Pokhara. You may begin the trek from Jumla and trek to Jomsom or vice-versa. After completing the trek, you may fly out of Jomsom to Pokhara or take the reverse of the Jomsom trek path. You’ll skip the SheyPhoksundo Lake and cross several passes simultaneously as trekking in this direction. That is a restricted area, and the handiest organization-prepared companies are approved. The charge for a permit is US dollar 500, consistent with character for the first ten days and US greenback 50 in step with individual per day for extra days.

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professional local guide

An in a position & professional local guide group supervises and runs an admirable hiking employer in Nepal. Research more approximately for us to discover. Why the excelent choice for Nepal holidays?. Nothing more extraordinary.Our commitment to high friendly Lower Dolpo Trek offerings. With your protection and a stress-loose experience in mind, all treks and excursions are led via licensed and exceptionally professional courses that are nicely trained in first aid, mountaineering skills, environmental know-how, and all associated subjects.

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Contact Details;

Business Name: Himalayan Companion Treks and Expedition
Contact Person: Jag Bahadur Budha
Country/Region: Kathmandu, Nepal
Street Address: Samakhusi
City: Kathmandu
State: Bagmati
Postal Code:+97701
Email Address: jag@himalayancompanion.com, enquiry@himalayancompanion.com
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5 Things to Know About Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is one of Nepal’s most under-explored regions. It is located in western Nepal and contains numerous hidden valleys and canyons. Because it is in a rain shadow region of Nepal, there are few green hills. You can experience the hard brown landscape while taking in the spectacular scenery of Nepal’s arid desert.

The following are the top five facts to know about Dolpo region Trek.

Culture and Religion

Sparsely populated Dolpo is home to multi-cultural inhabitants and the followers of Hinduism and Shamanism, Bon, and Tibetan Buddhism. Though the Dolpo is dividedintotwo-part ‘Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo’ we comprehend three parts; Lower Belt, Middle Belt, and Upper Belt based on culture and tradition.

Lower Dolpo is majorly dominated by Khasan people purely Hinduism and Shamanism followers have their Khasan culture. The Khasan valley is then, a garden of Hindu cast such as Brahmin, Kshetries, Thakuries, and others. They celebrate Hindu major festival like, Dashain, Deepawali, JanaiPurnima, MagheSangkranti, and Shaman festival like SaunePuni, BhadauPuni and KartikPuni.

Phoksundo Lake

Phoksundolake is located within Shey Phoksundo national park in the Dolpo region. Nepal’s deepest lake features turquoise blue water and a serene setting. Rocky hills and dense trees surround this lake.

The lake lies within the largest national park in Nepal ‘SheyPhoksundo National Park. The stunning lake suddenly changes its color into distinct colors throughout the different times of the day. Adjacent to the lake, a Bon Village called ‘Ringmo’ further enriches the appearance of the Lake.

Mount Dhaulagiri

Mount Dhaulagiri is the world’s seventh tallest peak. It is 8,167 meters high and lies between the country’s border and places like Dolpo on the other side. From your flight and during your journey to Dolpo, you may take in the breathtaking views of Dhaulagiri.


Kanjirowa is a stunning peak in the Dolpo region. It’s only 6,883 meters above sea level, and you may climb to the top of the Dolpo region. During the mountaineering trip to the top, you will also be able to explore the rich flora and animals present surrounding Kanjirowa.

Villages in high altitudes

The majority of the communities in the Dolpo region are located at high elevations. The majority of Dolpo is 3500 meters above sea level. The communities in Dolpo are among the world’s tallest settlements. Because of the little outside interaction, there is a strong sense of community.Chharka village and DhoTarap Village are one of the highest human settlements in the world with altitudes of 4350m and
4250m above sea level.


The walk to Dolpo is one of the most exciting hikes in Nepal. Trekking in the Dolpo region of Nepal will expose you to a variety of landscapes and the rough beauty of the country. You can enjoy the amazing Dolpo Trek including Lower Dolpo Trek.

The walk will be difficult but lovely as you take in the diverse culture along the route. Along the trip, you’ll camp in tents and local villages to get closer to nature and the Dolpo community.

Contact Details;

Business Name: Himalayan Companion Treks and Expedition
Contact Person: Jag Bahadur Budha
Country/Region: Kathmandu, Nepal
Street Address: Samakhusi
City: Kathmandu
State: Bagmati
Postal Code:+97701

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Limi Valley Trek: Highlights & best Time To Visit

A high, narrow valley in the upper Humla District of northwest Nepal, Limivalley is cut off from the rest of the country for five to six months each year by the 4940-meter Nyalu pass.

Limi Valley is a confined trans-Himalayan Valley of North-West Nepal, and home of Tibetan speaking people. This last and remote valley of Humla is located in the South-north of Simikot. Untouched by the modern changes and the valley is the mythical Shangri-La of Hidden Himalaya. Historically agro-pastoralist people of Lime Valley are followers of Tibetan Buddhism. Limi Valley is consisting the three ethnic Tibetan Buddhist villages; Jhang, Halji, and Til. Halji (3700m), is the biggest village of Limi Valley, located in middle and it is the home of Rinchenling Monastery the central monastery of the Limi Valley.

Due to its proximity to the Tibet border, the Limi Valley Trek was first opened for trekking in 2002. Limi Valley Trek is a historical commerce and pilgrim route through steep paths and high passes, rivers, and a beautiful Himalayan alpine environment.

Although it is regarded as one of Humla’s most desolate areas, the century-old Buddhist culture still thrives. The Humla Limi Valley Trekincludes a visit to Mount Kailash, one of the holiest mountains in the world.Himalayan Companion’sLimi Valley Trekis the perfect trip that immerses into mystic HumlaLimi valley.

The Limi Valley Trek Highlights

  1. Nepal and Tibet offer a true sense of adventure, as well as secluded and distinctive mountain lives.
  2. A fantastic way to see the Tibetan Buddhists’ distinctive natural and cultural setting, which is also rich in flora and animals.
  3. The breathtaking scenery of Holy Mount Kailash and the snow-capped Himalaya, yet this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  4. Alpine meadows are beautiful and a haven for vegetation and fauna.

What is the best time to visit Limi Valley trek?

The Limi Valley Trek can be done even in monsoon because Limi valley is lying in the rain shadows. During the monsoon season, most trekkers visit Humla, Upper Dolpo Trek, and the Limi Valley trek as part of a pilgrimage to the holy Mt Kailash.

From April through the end of November, though, the weather is pleasant. However, there aren’t many (if any) trekkers on the trail outside of the summer months (June-Sept).

Things to know About Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo is one of the eccentric and unexplored locations in western Nepal covered with exciting valleys and canyons showcasing the shadow area of Nepal resites in rain shadows of Kanjiruwa and Dhaulagiri. The rough brown terrain covered with the majestic view makes it one of the exciting treks to cover in Nepal. Also, Dolpo trekking is quite isolat which one should have a companion to cover the track between the Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri range.

Dolpo region has distinctive culture and tradition which means it’s quite rare to find in any other part of the country. There are endless things to be explore in the upper Dolpo trek.


Dolpo is the largest district of Nepal and it is a multi-cultured and multi-religious place. The Lower Dolpo is home to Hinduism and the vast majority live in middle Dolpo and Upper Dolpothis space follows Bon and Tibetan Lama Buddhism.

Dolpo Trekking


The naturally diversified and beautiful Dolpo region is also culturally diverse. In the beginning part of Dolpo Hindu-dominatednatedKhasan are where Khas and Hindu people and culture is dominated. The inhabitants in this region are Hindu followers and Chhetries, Brahmins, and Thakuries. And also, the Khas culture and lifestyle can be observed. In the mid-Dolpo, an ethnic and Indigenous tribe ‘MagarKaike’ people dominates and Magar culture and lifestyle could be seen. Also, The Upper Dolpo region is close to Chinese occupied land and inhabitant of this area are followers of Bon and Buddhists.

Flora and faunas

As SheyPhoksundo National Park resides in Dolpo, it is home to many flora and faunas. The floras are mostly used as herbal medicines, and the animals including an elusive Snow Leopard have made this place their suitable home Research made in the 70s by a British group says the density of Snow Leopard in the region is relatively higher than in other parts of the Himalayas.


Phoksundolake lies inside SheyPhoksundoNational park in the Dolpo district. It is the most profound lake in Nepal with turquoise blue water and quiet encompassing. Rough slopes and profound timberlands outline this lake. One can likewise notice scenes of delightful snow-covered mountains behind the scenes. It is 4.8 km long and 600m profound and there are more than 20 stupas on the southern side of the lake.


DhoTarap is the world’s highest human settlement at 4,080 meters. The natives of DhoTarap till date follow traditional Buddhist culture. DhoTarap is a junction where the trail leading to Jomsom, Mustang, and Tibet emerge. Lots of activities can be observe at DhoTarap. Carriers like horses, mules, and yaks are abundant in the region. The houses of DhoTarap are design as per traditional architecture and hence have larger living space underground with a small portion peeking above the ground surface or the natives of DhoTarap are simple and kind as they are trulyGod-fearing persons unknown of changes in the other parts of the world. Truly visiting DhoTarap is like traveling to the primeval era.

How to Get to Dolpo?

There are many ways to get Kathmandu to Dolpo. Suppose you want to take a long way from Radi, direct bus to Radi from Kathmandu, and requires to change the jeep from one place to another to get Dunai. Another option for Kathmandu to Dolpo is a flight to Juphal via Nepalgunj. The porters will carry your baggage, and the guide will take proper care of you during the trek. Another way to get in Lower Dolpo is to trek from Beni to Lower Dolpo via Dhorpatan and trek from Jumla to Lower Dolpo via BharbhareLagna.

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Why one should choose Limi Valley Trek?

Limi Valley Trek is one of the least accessible Nepali valleys. The valley compromises three villages: Dzang, Halji and Til three villages and is popular by ethnic Bhotiyapeople. And also, They domesticate large herds of yaks, horses, and sheep, and grow potatoes and various cereals (buckwheat, barley, and millet) in their terraced fields. Also, Halji is the home of 14th century built Rincheling monastery, which is the second oldest monastery of Nepal. It was establish by LotsawaRinchenSangpo 985-1055CE and it is main Gompa of the Limi Valley.

Limi Valley Trek

There is only one remaining area of wilderness in Nepal, the Limi Valley Trekking region. Also, From the border of the Himalayan passes Hilsa and Chang La between Nepal and Tibet, Limi Valley Trekextends into the wilderness of Humla. So that, True adventure to the unknown can be found at few places on earth. Mules, donkeys, and horses are the only means of transportation.


  • Exploring the Limi Valley in all its splendor and diversity
  • You can also observe spectacular rock formations as the Karnali River meanders through
  • Chugzur hot springs are healing and rejuvenating
  • Cross breathtaking passes of 4,900 m (16,000 ft) or more
  • Explore Buddhist monasteries that date back thousands of years

HUMLA-Nepal’s Wild West

As part of this formidable Empire, Jumla was once administered from Sinja near Jumla. Until 1787, this empire extended as far south as Purang (Taklakot) and the ‘lost’ villages of Toling (Zanda) and Tsaparang, in a region of remote southern Tibet.

But also, This is a melting pot of traders and merchants from nearby countries, Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and Buddhist traders from Kashgar, Nepalese businesses trading wool, salt, and Indian goods, along with Chinese Government officials and a large army contingent.

For centuries, Humla has been involved in the trade of salt and grains with Tibet. Because of the import of Indian salt, most of Nepal has ceased to trade in this product.

Another reason for the loss of border trading posts is the Chinese government’s elimination of many in remote areas.

Limi Valley Trek

Limi Valley Trek Route

Limi valley trek begins after an hour’s flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Also,Then Nepalgunj to Simikot 2818m by grazing mountain ridges above 4000m to 7000m.The scenic mountain views of Mt. Saipal, Tibetan plateau, and great Himalayan range get entertaine easily 55 minutes time inside the plane. Also that, Landing at Simikot airport we are welcome by a nearby Mountain view. From Simikot we follow the ancient salt trading and pilgrimage route to the border of Nepal and China along the HumlaKarnali River. Then after crossing the Nara La pass (4620 m) with spectacular views of the Himalayas we reach the Hilsa border. From the border town of Hilsa, we switch to the northeast towards the Limi Valley. Rolling along the Limi valley for a few days we pass through beautiful hamlets of Til, Jhang, and Halji. On the last part of the trek, we cross the Nyalu Pass (4949m) the highest pass of the entire trek before terminating the trek at Simikot.

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Why Trekking In NepalIs So Exciting?

Nepal is a country with a large diversity including plains, hills and mountains which blends of natural beauty. It is home to multi-ethnic, multi lingual, multi cultured and countless gifts brimming with wonders, which a tranquil state of solitude perfectly complements. But also,The natural wonders of Nepal and the grandeur of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks cannot be described in words.

With its massive Himalayan glaciers, pristine lakes, waterfalls, and verdant forests, Nepal offers a heaven-like pulchritude that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you to some of Nepal’s best natural destinations to visit.

trekking in nepal

Mount Everest

With an elevation of 8,848 meters, Mount Everest is the highest peak on earth. The trail leading up to the Everest Base Camp in the Khumbu region of Nepal is one of the most picturesque trekking trails in the world. Trekking in Everest region in Nepal is an unforgettable experience.

Gokyo Lakes

Sapphire oligotrophic lakes are located in Nepal’s Sagarmatha National Park at a height of 4,700-5,000 meters. The lake system, comprised of six significant lakes, is the world’s highest freshwater lake system.

Lake Thonak is the largest lake. As well as being a place of worship for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims, the lakes play an important role during the winter season. During the festival of JanaiPurnima, many Hindu pilgrims take holy bathes in the lakes. The lakes are also regarded as the home of the Snake God. In the western corner of the lake, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Shiva.

The landscape of the lakes is captivating, and from its vantage point, one can observe mountain peaks like Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu. Gokyo Lakes, however, are cerulean and offer a stunning view amidst the Himalayan landscape.


Mount Machhapuchhre is located in the Annapurnas in northeastern Nepal. Because it is sacred to Shiva, it is not climbable.Machhapuchhre forms the eastern boundary of the Annapurna sanctuary. It is 6,993 meters high, located on a spur ridge south of the main Annapurna Himalayas spine.In Nepali, the name Machhapuchhre means “fishtail”.

trekking in nepal

At various times of the day, especially during dawn and dusk, Machhapuchhre, one of the most winsome natural wonders of the world, changes its tinge from ivory to molten gold and burning amber as the sun’s rays pass down its length.

The Kali Gandaki Gorge

There is a 5571 meter gap between Kali Gandaki, the world’s deepest canyon, and Annapurna I. Straddling the Gandaki River in the Himalayas, the gorge separates the massive peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Additionally, it is also an integral part of the Annapurna Circuit trekking route, which connects Pokhara with Muktinath. It is also located within the Annapurna Conservation Area as well.

Langtang Valley

The Langtang region of Nepal’s Himalayas is north of Kathmandu and borders Tibet. It is home to Langtang National Park, with most Tamang people living in the settlements.

As well as the beautiful Gosainkunda Lakes and the holy KyanjinGompa, the LangtangHimal range encompasses the valley of the glaciers. As one of the most famous trekking areas in Nepal, Langtang Trek encompasses a myriad of natural wonders.

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What are the basic categories of trekking in 2022?

The Trekking in Nepal activity refers to walking for a prolonged time, enjoying the scenery, and exploring the surroundings. A motive for traveling may be a commitment, an aim, an objective, a mission, a party, or a social gathering.

Top categories of trekking-

The trekking can be commence in different categories that could be such as an easy to difficult treks.

(1) Easy Trekking: Essentially, this type of activity is for beginners, and it involves seeing colorful horizons or beautiful natural scenery. This type of trekking are generally commence in low lands where there are many hamlets and people’s inhabitants. This types of treks are more cultural and natural with low degree of adventure. In this treks, trekkers may not require the previous experiences. This types of trekking is for those trekkers who have an interest in easy walking in the mountains. The trails in this type of trekking are well maintained paths and small ridges with no technical. The altitudes of this trekking’s are commenced within 2000m to 4000m and accommodation are in ta houses and basic lodges. The normal trekking hours in this trek are 4-5 hours per day.

(2) Moderate Trekking: Trekking that is moderate in difficulty is performed at medium to higher altitudes and is more challenging than easy trekking. The people who do moderate trekking should be energetic. To do this trek previous hiking or camping experience is preferable. This type of Trekking in Nepal if for those mountain lovers who wants to spend 1-2 weeks in the mountains, and have a moderate level of physical fitness. The trails in this trekking are passes along the steep hill terrain on usually rough trails. The altitude in this trek rise from 2000m to 5500m and altitude gain will be 400-900m. The average trekking hours per day is 6-7.

Trekking in Nepal

(3) Strenuous Trekking: Trekking of this type involves strenuous physical effort. It is generally carried out in high-altitude regions and is only suitable for those with previous experience in trekking. This type of trekking ascends 5500m and involves some steep climbing and need ropes sometimes. This treks takes more than two weeks long and average walking duration is 7-8 hours per day. The accommodation in this trek are mostly camping.

(4) Difficult Trekking: The fourth type of trekking is done on steep slopes. Experts or experienced trekkers do this type of trekking. This type of trekking requires the trekker to have high precision, skill, and endurance levels. In this trek previous climbing experience and a high level of physical fitness is most needed. The trails in this trek are steep hilly terrain on rough trails, high passes, and glacier and snow crossings. Remote wilderness environments. It also may technical and need of using fixed ropes, crampons and ice axe. This may need 16+ days. Average trekking hours per day is 6-8 hours. The accommodation in this trek are mostly camping.

Physical fitness, patience, knowledge of hiking, and camping capability are the main characteristics of trekking. Traveling to a place you’ve never been before is called trekking. Trekking in Nepal includes activities such as hiking, camping, and walking.

The activity tests a person’s physical ability, making it an adventurous activity. Hence, the most important thing is to be fit and healthy; to be patient; to be familiar with the geographic area; to have a daring attitude, and be ready to overcome all undesirable circumstances with Dolpo Trekking and Upper Dolpo Trek.

Upper Dolpo Trek in Nepal

Nepal is one of the beautiful Mountainous countries in the world. It is the country of highest peak Mount Everest including eight of the world’s 14 eight thousand meter peaks are located in Nepal, and it is land that which provide a great adventure opportunity of world-class mountaineering and trekking. Among the best adventure destinations in Nepal, Upper Dolpo is one of the most fabulous place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of mountains and serenity blooms with Upper Dolpo Trek.

Upper Dolpo trek caters the great lifetime experience where you can feel the heavenly Himalayan in touch of the Mother Nature. Being in Nepal is like you are in the arms of God, completely safe and far away from all human prejudice.  Trekking in Upper Dolpo is an immersion in to the beautiful hamlets and mesmerizing places of Upper Dolpo rewards in turn. There several places to do trek and travel in Nepal, however Dolpo is the one of best travelling destination because of its abundance of nature, different cultures, adventures, beautiful views, and friendly localities. 

So, what are you still looking for? Let’s get in touch with Himalayan Companion and for your vacation companion. Given below are few reasons that attract you to Nepal especially “Dolpo Trek.”

1. Nepal is a culturally captivating nation because of its beautiful nature, rich heritage, and conventional culture.

2. Mountains in Nepal are one of the best choices for having an adventure in trekking and mountaineering.

3. Nepal is not just a place of mountains but also popular for its beautiful serene lakes.

4. Lord Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal, so it is also the symbol of peace.

5. Traveling in Nepal is affordable.

Is Nepal a safe destination to travel to? Yes, Nepal is a safe destination for all travelers. Nepal is the safest country in the world to travel to.

How do I get the best Dolpo itineraries?

No, worries! Let get in touch with Himalayan Companion, who offers various ranges of Dolpo trek in affordable price.

Why do I trek with Himalayan Companion? The answer is simple because, Himalayan Companion’s holiday trips are designed in such a way that concerning with eco-friendly, and sustainable tourism. In addition we focused on use of local resources and local people in order to accomplish your holiday as a life time experience. Hence, trekking and mountaineering with Himalayan Companion is not only spending your holiday in Nepal but also a contribution to local people.

Why Upper Dolpo? The reason is simple because, Upper Dolpo is one of the most strenuous and challenging treks of Nepal which is traverses across high deserted landscape of ‘Great Himalayan Trail’ in Nepal. It offers a lifetime adventure experience for trekkers who are keen to do a bit challenging, long days and a unique trails of Nepal. Naturally and culturally purest form for amazing experience. Upper Dolpo trek is for those trekkers and adventure lover who is seeking something different exploration of Himalaya then it is recommended to undertake Upper Dolpo Trek. Trekking in sparsely populated a small piece of heaven ‘Dolpo’ comprising a month long adventure.

Experience Dolpo region Trek with Himalayan Companion

Himalayan Companion Treks and Expedition is the company that is offering Lower and Upper Dolpo Trek for all its travelers. We are focusing on trips to the Himalayan Mountains.  Himalayan Companion Treks and Expedition have years of experience in Dolpo region Trek. As a result, we have a strong track record of our destinations.

We have local and expert mountain guides who are well experienced. They have deep knowledge of Dolpo Trekking in the Himalayas. Unlike other companies, we are allocating the trained professionals.

Well equipped for trekking

We are well equipped for long day’s expedition style treks. Here you can find the best quality of the equipment that is used in trekking. We are supporting our trekking group with all the necessary camping equipment.

Communication in emergencies

We will have a satellite phone in every group, which is very necessary to communicate in during the emergencies when it is needed. Under the uncertainty and emergencies our ground staff (guide) communicate in office and on the basis of information provided by guide, necessary evacuation is carried out.

Weather forecast

Weather forecast is very important while you are starting the trek. If you are doing the proper weather forecast, you will never get wrong while trekking. We have the best tools for monitoring the weather.

We have chosen our aides dependent on their experience, preparing and administration abilities. In addition, our aides are given to ensuring you have a phenomenal journeying experience.

Value of Money

There are many elements that contribute to the cost of any adventure holiday, including; standard of accommodation, quality of transport and number and experience of staff. We carefully balance these and many other factors when planning our trips, with the aim of providing quality adventure holidays that represent unbeatable VALUE FOR MONEY. Whilst our prices are competitive, you can be assured that we don’t cut corners to achieve this. With Himalayan Companion there are no hidden extras costs.

Porter and staff welfare policies

All porters that we employ receive a good working wage that is regulated by the Trekking Agents Association of Nepal and the Labor Union of Nepal, paying as per their guidelines, which are unionized. We provide porters with three meals a day, prepared by our cooks, as well as lodging or tents, sleeping mats and blankets. Porters receive income protection and life insurance and have access to the same first aid care that travellers receive including emergency helicopter evacuation if required. Porters are provided with a wind and waterproof jacket and over-trousers, woolen socks and gloves, leather or canvas shoes, sunglasses and a warm cap, and carry a maximum of 30kgs.

Food and health

It is our primary concern that you should remain in good health throughout your holiday. When camping we make sure that food is expertly and hygienically prepared and we aim to serve a mixture of local and European-style dishes. We try to provide substantial meals with as much variety as possible and routinely cater for vegetarians.

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