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DP Beauty Supplier Supply High End Beauty Equipment

DP Beauty Supplier is one of the leading manufacturers of spa furniture in India. Combining innovation, information and the present day wood working machines & Facial machine. We are committed to growing spa furnishings that this contemporary, practical in layout & aesthetically attractive. We’ve got a severe product range that meets all worldwide satisfactory requirements.

Facial machine is perfect for spa services to our site visitors upon request, with offerings collectively with hairdressing, nail cropping and pedicure, massages and warm bath. Moreover, we provide a fitness centre with treadmill, indoor exercise bike, mini elliptical device, dual ab curler wheel, yoga balls, free weights, bounce rope, multifunctional energy tower, and so on.

Facial machine

Our provider standards make sure that each one spa goers will significantly apprehend and experience. Provide your clients a unique and extraordinary wellness experience in your spas. We are one of the main worldwide producers of top rate-exceptional spa tables, remedy beds and device for inn spas, fitness centres, aesthetic practices and scientific places of work.

Our enhancements combined with modern-day layout and brilliant quality using high-quality top rate materials. With the power to design in step with person consumer goals is the usage of pressure and impetus. We’re extra than simplest a manufacturer of well being system. So, You can discover an extensive collection of models of salon equipment at our official website anytime.

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DongPin Offer Wide Range of Beauty Equipment & Furniture

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DongPin is a renowned and professional beauty equipment manufacturer. They have a team of experienced professionals who designed this beauty equipment and furniture to fulfill clients’ needs. We have years of experience in designing beauty equipment and furniture.

People can directly connect to us for their specific requirements of beauty equipment and tools. We have own production line where we can design according to the modern need of beauty industry. so, Why people need to choose our range of products:

Modern design

Our range of products is design according to modern needs. so, We have a team of professionals who continuously search about the current generation’s needs and design accordingly. So that our complete range is compatible with the present age needs.


At our production line, we are dedicated to providing excellent range of Hydraulic Massage Table and quality to our customers. so, We use high-grade material to develop and design this beauty equipment and furniture so that our clients can use it in the long run. so, We believe in stability and provide the same to our clients.

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Our range of Salon Table is pretty affordable so that our client can purchase it. We have years of experience providing a wide range of beauty equipment and furniture according to the client’s budget. so, We are capable of offering them affordable so that they can start their salon. We believe in providing complete assistant to our professionals. Get more information about us; you can visit our official website anytime.

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Complete range of salon equipment at affordable rates

If you intend to purchase quality items for your salon, we have a complete variety for you. so,We have been producing and exporting a wide range of salon items since 2002 and sending them out in China’s local market and the global market. so, Our company’s workshop covers 20,000 square meters of area with four primary product lines managed by proficient and experienced workers. always, We manufacture and supply the Best massage tables, Salon beds, trolleys. Spray machines, shampoo chairs, nail treatment tables, and numerous personal caretaking products.

Portable massage table

Our Portable massage table and other items are ensure with ISO13485, ISO9001. And CE certification.so, We intend to be the one-stop service provider and Specialist Company for our customers. Running salons or planning to open them. so, We have been giving OEM/ODM services since 2002; alongside that, we are offering three years guarantee on our items. Our extensive range of products is manufacture by planning and proper research and made under specialists’ care. So, They go through various quality investigations before dispatching them to the market.

We deliver our products in more than 80 nations, including North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, Spain, and many more. so, By manufacturing. and providing excellent quality salon products, we are very demanding in this industry. For example, tattoo beauty chairs, beauty beds, manicure tables, exercise bikes, skincare fridges, and many more products are highly demanding in the market.

From the underlying manufacturing period to the fulfilment of the product, so, we keep up with the quality guidelines and make sure that the product reaches the customer in adequate working conditions. All our exclusive range of products is made with selective techniques and innovations. so,The advanced plan and quality affirmation give us an edge in providing top-quality items. always, We are planning the magnificence products as per the necessities of our customers. so, To get more information about our product range, you can visit our official website anytime.

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Contact Person – Sandy Feng
Business name -Guangdong Dongpin Beauty Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address -Headquarters:2nd Jinfu Road Jiuqiao Road, Jiujiang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City,Guangdong Province, China
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Select The Best Range of Salon Supplies

You would not be capable of efficaciously run an excellent salon status quo without. The right closing salon resources truly within grasp. A long time ago, you’d have to seek advice from professionals within the field or constantly go to. Different groups much like yours so that. You can find out the proper device that you have to put into use.

The advent of the net has made this as soon as tough task plenty less complicated at gift. Reputable website will give you widespread results concerning the right beauty elements that your salon needs. Now not handiest that, you will be able to discover the excellent offers online and be. Capable of purchase the maximum low priced salon equipment without having to waste time browsing stores from stores nearby.

You will find a whole lot of beneficial salon elements and system once you begin to browse on-line. However, it is important that you discover a professional website online. That is certified by means.The right government and might be able to in shape your wishes effectively. If you’re nonetheless no longer sure approximately the corporation you’re checking online. Medical Procedure Chair, then you can ask your buddies concerning on-line salon elements sellers that they have got. Complete business with formerly or attempt studying sincere testimonials online.

Electric Beauty Bed

When you intend to store up on beauty accessories and equipment, it might be an excellent concept to accessories being markete wholesale or search for cut price salon device. The form of salon which you manipulate must. Additionally dictate the kind of last salon substances that you may be buying. Salons focusing on spa treatments would need to accumulate massagers, beds, facial steamers, lotions and towels.

If your established order serves clients thru hair slicing and styling, then you’ll be in need of. Pedicure Spa Chair, shampoo bowls, rollers, hair dryers as well as different comparable items. In case you’re honestly quick on funds right now, you can alternatively buy used salon system. Most of these of objects can be determine online and is certainly greater inexpensive than newly sold salon system. Of course when you’ve received greater economic sources, you’ll need to buy more modern salon elements for your enterprise.

When you’re all performed and purchased the proper

salon equipment, arranging these accessories would be the next step to making your enterprise successful. The manner you showcase the salon system and objects that you’ve bought will determine the appearance of your status quo. Electric Beauty Bed will reflect the mood and sense of your status quo in addition to your respective clients. Primarily else, you may chat with different salon owners concerning their salon system. like what they decide upon and what they keep away from buying. It’s always beneficial to read reviews online so. That you can get a variety of mind and opinions from diverse experts and resources of beauty substances online.

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Choose The Best Spa Beds and Medical spa bed

Every time you decide to position up a business, it is imperative that you ought to as a minimum turn out to be familiar with the dos and don’ts of the enterprise.

Like another groups, a soon to be owner of a spa commercial enterprise should first recognise how the gadget works. You want to observe the essential things, maximum particularly the tools and system used to assist beautify the offerings supplied with the aid of your spa to the clients. In case you lack money to buy all the necessary equipment and gadget, then at the least make certain that you relaxed the basic matters on your spa.

What you need to do is to realize what your commercial enterprise gives and decide the essential things that you can purchase. In case your spa is imparting a rub down carrier, then one of the things that need to be present in your facility is the beauty bed.

Medical spa bed

Medical spa bed is very essential as it offers extremely good comfort to clients whose sole cause in getting into your splendour facility is to alleviate stress. Giving importance to the customers by using providing them with outstanding provider and pamper them while using exquisite equipment and device may want to help your business by way of gaining their loyalty.

The most critical thing which you want to don’t forget is the pleasure of the clients. The clients are the lifeblood of your enterprise so you need to deal with them in the excellent way feasible. You can use tanning beds to tan at home or in the spa even when it is overcast and cloudy outside. The beds provide comfort and benefits, below are just a few.

You may discover different types of Pedicure Spa Chair for your neighbourhood beauty equipment and equipment provider. One of the most sought out device is the adjustable splendour bed. The maximum crucial thing about comfort is being inside the proper position. This is exactly the motive why a lot of people like to sit in an adjustable splendour bed.

Adjustable beds are manner better than flat beds as it is able to assist flow into the blood higher. Different corporations can also say that they’ve the excellent product no longer all and sundry has the first-class. You need to make certain that you purchase the right one for your consolation and better pleasant provider.

Medical Procedure Chair

You might also need to check out the net for great Medical Procedure Chair for your spa. On-line providers usually provide the excellent deals with reference to salon equipment and device.

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Dong Pin Offer Classic Range of Salon Furniture

 If you plan to buy quality products for your salon, we have a complete variety for you. We are manufacturing an extensive range of salon products since 2002 and exporting them in China’s domestic market and the international market. Our company is well-maintained, covering 20,000 square meters with four main production lines managed and maintained by professional workers. We manufacture and supply Salon Bed, massage beds, beauty trolley, spray machine, shampoo massage chair, manicure table, and many personal care instruments.

Our Nail tech table is stylish and available with an extractor fan. The table has storage brackets, a modern design, built-in exhaust, drawer with lock facility, and many other features. It looks attractive and has strong built because our company is well-known for its quality products worldwide. We are delivering our range of products in more than 80 countries, including North America, Europe, Australia, Russia, and Spain. By manufacturing and supplying good quality products, we are extremely demanding in this industry. The range of furniture’s are design as per the needs of clients and customized according to need as well. 

Our professional team focuses on developing quality products and managing excellent relationships with the customers in the market. So far, we have been successful in speedy manufacturing and delivering salon products worldwide without compromising quality. 

Our Salon Table and other products are certified with ISO13485, ISO9001, and CE certification. We aim to be the one-stop product and service provider for our clients who manage salons or plan to open them. We are giving OEM/ODM facility since 2002; along with that; we are offering 36 months warranty on our products. Our products are properly researched and manufactured under experts’ supervision, and they undergo numerous quality inspections before launching them to the market. Connect with our professional team to know the product details and enjoy the exceptional pre-sales, in-sale and post-sale services offered by us. 


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