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Why You Need Jewelry ODM In China To Grow?

The jeweler market is growing at a rapid rate and the exponential growth is driven by the advent of digital technology, you have many online stores that can cater to the growing market. Whether you are looking for 925 Sterling Silver EarRings or you are looking for giving customized jewelry to your audience, you should have a look at the conversation that we had with Kirin Jewelry, a reputed ODM.

From design to execution perfection:

Whether you are looking for Tennis Necklace or some other, we make the designs better through smart 3D modeling tools and we do it through your outputs and assistance too.

We ensure that you give you just choices such as getting Rainbow Ring and other ornaments. From 925 Sterling Silver EarRings to tennis necklaces, we use good quality gold and other materials.

925 Sterling Silver EarRings

We ensure that the craftsmanship is better and logistic is smarter to deliver Rainbow Ring and ornaments so that you can showcase new designs and make them available to your customers.

Get stylish jewelry now:

You as a business house can now get the best designs like Tennis Necklace to your audience and you just need to talk to these guys and they can get the right designs and ornaments for your demanding pro fashion customers.

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Our Business Profile-

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Further information’s

Guangzhou Factory Add: Room 201. No.3 4th Street, Fuping Road, Xiaoping industrial part, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.


Mobile: +86-18666136275, +86-13702570566

E-MAIL: kirinjew@kirinjew.com, lion@kirinjew.com

FAX: +86-756-8826578

Website – https://www.kirinjew.com/

What To Know Before Buying Sterling Silver Jewelry In Wholesale?

Do you have a new jewelry store setup? You may need to purchase jewelry items wholesale. So, you can stock up on sterling silver items. You can search for 925 Sterling Silver rings wholesale online. There are hundreds of options so you can research the suppliers.

Always start small

If you have approached a new wholesale Sterling Silver manufacturer for the first time, then do not order in quantity.

Always ensure that you have requested 925 Sterling Silver necklace and jewelry samples.

Research options

You will come across suppliers and manufacturers in the market. You can research the best 925 Sterling Silver necklace and jewelry suppliers

Compare their quality and work features. Wholesale Sterling Silver suppliers should be able to meet your demands.

Pick right manufacturer

The success of your business might depend on the manufacturer. Check with the manufacturer’s policy in advance. For 925 Sterling Silver rings wholesale supplier you also need to check the price.

925 Sterling Silver rings wholesale

You can approach two or more manufacturers and compare. Once you are satisfied then you can order in wholesale quantity. Do check if the manufacturer can provide the shipment on time. You can keep the store operational and will never run out of stock.

You also need to check the conditions of the payment. If the manufacturer offers a credit limit then it is a better option for you.

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Buy Elegant Sterling Silver Earrings from Kirinjew.Com

Do you like wearing jewelry and 925 Sterling Silver EarRings? If yes, then you should contact a reputable jeweler.

As the leading jeweler, we recommend buying high-quality sterling silver earrings unless your doctor tells you otherwise. Only a reputable jeweler will perform contact tests to ensure so that the earrings are safe for your ears.

Which metal makes the best earrings? It depends on the sensitivity of your ears and also your expectations. Finding the best metal base for your sensitive ears is personal. Generally speaking, gold, sterling silver, and platinum make the best earrings. If you are allergic to metals or experience irritation, speak with your doctor.

This sterling heart-inspired collection comes from Kirinjew.com and also is made from the finest 925 sterling silver.

925 Sterling Silver EarRings

Why pick Sterling Silver Earrings from kirinjew.com?

We have the world’s best collection of 925 Sterling Silver Earrings. With this, we provide unique earrings at reasonable prices. All our silver earrings are featured with:

  1. Decorated with zircon crystals
  2. Undergo contact testing
  3. No Addition of Nickel
  4. No Addition of Lead
  5. No Addition of Cadmium
  6. Corrosion and oxidation resistant

Get your wife, girlfriend, mother, or daughter the perfect gift set with these earrings and a heart-shaped necklace.

Are you looking to buy the best quality earrings for the party? Want to know more? If yes! then kirinjew.com, is the right platform for you. Further you can visit our site and check out the availability of the latest Silver Hoop EarRings, Cuban Link Chain, and many other pieces of jewelry.

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Why Are 925 Sterling Silver Earrings Perfect For Women?

When you wear 925 Sterling Silver EarRings, do they irritate your ears? This may be because you have sensitive ears.

Silver earrings are one of the most popular choices for sensitive ears as they are hypoallergenic. And among all those silver earrings, Sterling silver is the best metals to wear.

Can 925 Sterling Silver EarRings be worn? Absolutely. The most suitable metal for earrings is sterling silver, particularly high-quality sterling silver since it does not contain nickel alloys. If you have a copper allergy, you may prefer gold earring posts. If this applies to you, you should consult a doctor before getting pierced or buying earrings.

925 Sterling Silver EarRings for Woman

Silver alloys, mainly copper and trace elements, make up about 7.5 percent of sterling silver (92.5%). Nickel is used instead of copper in lower-quality sterling silver, which can cause irritation and even severe reactions. If you wear sterling silver jewelry, be sure it is nickel-free.

Sterling silver with 92.5 purity is preferable to pure silver since pure silver is less malleable and difficult to shape into jewelry designs. Unlike pure silver Rainbow Earring, you will not find designs with pure silver, so do not purchase earrings that claim to be silver.

You can pair silver jewelry with white gold or platinum pieces in any look. Silver is an elegant metal and can be worn alone or with other metals.

When worn regularly, Wholesale Sterling Silver earrings are highly durable metals, but they are prone to tarnish, turning black or green quickly if not adequately maintained. In spite of this, it will degrade over time or after exposure to chemicals such as chlorine.

  1. An elegant and natural luster can be find in sterling silver earrings
  2. Perfectly complemented by white gold jewelry
  3. Available in a variety of styles, sterling silver earrings are versatile
  4. Valuable
  5. Suitable for sensitive ears
  6. The shining is amazing

Want to buy the 925 Sterling Silver EarRings? Visit kirinjew.com today!


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Why Should You Add Sterling Silver To Your Jewelry Box?

For decades, people have connected Wholesale Sterling Silver with luxury; the phrase “silver spoon” is associated with affluence.

Sterling silver, which is made up of 92.5 percent silver and also 7.5 percent other metal alloys (typically copper), offers the luxury of silver to jewelry.

Sterling silver, according to some, should only be used for earrings. Others claim it is simply a low-cost white gold substitute.

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

In reality, 925 Sterling Silver Rings Wholesale and Wholesale Sterling Silver are really popular. Sterling Silver is used to creating timeless and trendy appearances in every sort of jewelry and also wholesale.

Modern jewelry designers are flocking to this gorgeous metal because of its exceptional balance of malleability, beauty, and also durability.

Whether you’re seeking everyday items or a classic standout piece, you’ll almost surely find sterling silver jewelry that appears to have been personalized to your unique interests.

Continue reading for seven reasons so why you should invest in sterling silver jewelry.

  1. Sterling silver jewelry lasts a long time.
  2. Keeping up with the current fashion trends is easy.
  3. There are no limits to what you can do.
  4. You can quickly create a new jewelry collection.
  5. Exceptional adaptability
  6. Hypoallergenic jewelry
  7. Simple to care for

Please visit our website at https://www.kirinjew.com/ for additional information.

Wholesale Sterling Silver

Further more information’s

Why Should You Invest In 925 Sterling Silver Necklaces?

How Silver Hoop EarRings is worth wearing?

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Why Should You Invest In 925 Sterling Silver Necklaces?

Depending on what you’re buying, sterling silver jewelry might be quite expensive. This is understandable, especially if the piece is 925 Sterling Silver Necklace. Double-check the silver content if you want to buy a piece, but the price seems too good to be true.

Sterling silver jewelry should never tarnish, fade, buckle, or chip, so keep that in mind. Investing in actual sterling silver has many advantages. Here are a few of them:

  1. It’s Lightweight and Long-Lasting
  2. It can be completely customized.
  3. It is a hypoallergenic metal.
  4. The Usefulness of Sterling Silver
  5. Variety and accessibility
925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Today, sterling silver jewelry has a role in society. It’s no longer just for the ultra-rich or superstitious mystics who believe in its therapeutic abilities.

Sterling silver is more accessible than ever before, despite its long and fascinating history. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to establish a gorgeous jewelry collection.

Why not learn more about the world around you and a variety of 925 Sterling Silver Necklace and 925 Sterling Silver Earrings topics? Make sure to look around this website for more information: https://www.kirinjew.com/

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How Silver Hoop EarRings is worth wearing?

Silver, gold, and platinum are the three most popular precious metals for jewelry and for Cuban Link Chain. It’s considered a precious metal alloy because it’s a type of silver, and it can be compared to other precious metals. The following is a brief look at how Silver Hoop EarRings compares to its sister metals, white gold and platinum.

A similar Silver Hoop EarRings shimmering, gray appearance is common to the three metals, especially when dealing with white gold. However, in contrast to the other metals, sterling silver typically has a brighter tone.

  1. Despite its soft nature, platinum is very durable and is not prone to scratches or dents. The two metals, white gold, and sterling silver are much stronger than each other. However, white gold is a touch more scratch-resistant than silver.
  2. Affordability: Sterling silver is the least expensive precious metal, making it an affordable option for people who want to wear high-quality, affordable jewelry.
  3. Weight: Sterling silver is one of the lightest precious metals. Sterling silver’s lightness makes it a practical option for daily wear when you don’t want to wear heavy jewelry. Some people prefer the weight of platinum and gold.

It is more difficult to maintain sterling silver than other precious metals because it is susceptible to tarnishing. Despite its ease of cleaning and prevention of tarnishing, silver is less popular for items such as engagement rings because of this characteristic.

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Why 925 Sterling Silver EarRings is amazing to wear?

A bit of another metal is add to Tennis Necklace sterling silver for durability. 925 Sterling Silver EarRings is made almost entirely of pure Rainbow Ring silver.

Why you should buy 925 Sterling Silver EarRings?


The lustrous surface of sterling silver. Even when mixed with other metals, sterling silver looks identical to lustrous fine silver, which is why copper is the most popular metal for mixing with silver. The metallic tone of copper does not alter sterling silver’s durability. Even a trained jeweler can’t tell the difference between sterling silver and fine silver based solely on appearance. So, if you are worried that sterling silver won’t maintain the same shining glow and color as fine silver, put your worries to rest.


Metals such as silver are soft, malleable metals – they are not known for their robustness or strength. Table wear, coins, and jewelry need to hold their shape for them to be practical – due to this, it is an unsuitable material for any functional item.

Silver’s beauty is combine with none of its weaknesses in sterling silver. The strength and durability of sterling silver allow it to be crafted into anything from intricate serving platters to diamond-encrusted tiaras. Silver can not only be admired but used as well.


The price of pure silver is higher than that of sterling alloy, so an artisan needs to invest more in materials when designing jewelry. As a result, silver is less attractive for commercial jewelry making thanks to this requirement, which significantly raises the price of the final product.

Alternatively, sterling silver is a cost-effective metal. Combined with its high strength, this quality makes it an excellent material for a wide range of applications.


Tinting is the gradual darkening and dulling of metals caused by the presence of sulfur in air and also water. The corrosion of metal leads to a loss of shine and brightness.

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Furthermore information’s

Business Name: Kirin Jewelry
Contact Person: Lily
Country/Region: China
Guangzhou Factory Add:Room 201.No.3 4th Street, Fuping Road, Xiaoping industrial part, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China.
City: Zhuhai
State: Guangzhou
Website: https://www.kirinjew.com/

Overview of Sterling Silver Jewelry

A precious metal more than worthy of being among the most loved is Wholesale Sterling Silver, a versatile, sophisticated, and timeless alloy. Many people are unaware of the unique properties of sterling silver.

Exactly what it is, and how does it compare to pure silver and other popular metals? Does it meet the unique requirements of jewelers, designers, and consumers?

At 925 Sterling Silver Rings Wholesale, you can buy the best Wholesale Sterling Silver in bulk.

The following article offers a comprehensive overview of sterling silver jewelry to ensure you learn everything you need to know about this versatile and lovely metal. Please read on to learn more about sterling silver and the many benefits of adding it to your jewelry collection.

Wholesale Sterling Silver

What Is Sterling Silver?

To understand why sterling silver was developed, we must first look at pure silver. Sterling silver is made up of pure silver and other trace metals.

SILVER: 925 Sterling Silver Necklace

Since it was first discovered, silver has been recognized around the globe as a valuable and precious metal. We have mined, worn, and marveled at it ever since. Silver has long been considered a sign of wealth and status, as evidenced by expressions like “born with a silver spoon in their mouth” or “served on a silver platter.” Originally, metal was used to make currency and intricate jewelry.

Silver was another challenge for Kirinjew. Pure silver is an extremely soft metal, and although the material is beautiful, it’s not practical for home goods or jewelry that will be used often. A stronger metal was needed to increase silver’s malleability and make it functional.

925 Sterling Silver Necklace: A Beautiful Solution

During the melting process, metals are heated to a liquid state and then poured together, creating new material with the properties of the various metals.

How To Tell If Something Is 925 Sterling Silver Necklace?

Using a quality stamp is the easiest way to determine if the piece of jewelry is sterling silver. All sterling silver jewelry should be stamped with a quality stamp that indicates the precious metal content.

  1. Sterling
  2. Sterling silver
  3. Ster

• 92.5
• .925
• 925

A quality stamp should say .999, 999, or 99.9 in an inconspicuous place, like a hook, clasp, or closure. If your product is fine silver, it contains 99.9% silver, so it should have a .999, 999, or 99.9% mark.

The silver content is usually indicated by the mark on the jewelry piece, but if you are unsure, there are a couple of methods to test it. First, hold it up to a magnet. Sterling silver should not attract magnets. Magnets cannot detect sterling silver, which is why you should conduct other tests, such as the ice, ring, acid, and bleach tests.

Sterling silver and fine silver is that sterling silver tarnishes easily due to its sensitivity to oxygen and water. Fine silver, on the other hand, is less reactive than pure silver. It doesn’t tarnish easily because it does not react with oxygen or water. To maintain its pristine condition, sterling silver requires a little more care than pure silver.

However, when in doubt, you should consult with a jeweler who is an expert. They can tell you exactly how much your jewelry is worth without accidentally damaging it.

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Why 925 Sterling Silver are trending?

Silver jewelry for men made from 925 Sterling Silver Necklace. Thanks to its high resistance and beautiful design, the metal alloy offers ideal conditions for everyday wear. In addition, the metal alloy is an essential part of many men’s looks with a filigree appearance and a slightly reddish glow!

Are you looking for the leading 925 Sterling Silver Rings Wholesale? kirinjew.com, as the Wholesale Sterling Silver is here to offer you proper care of 925 sterling silver

Men’s sterling silver jewelry is especially popular for its ability to endure hard use, even in difficult environments. The alloy used in sterling silver jewelry is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals (mainly copper).

925 Sterling Silver Necklace

in case of tarnishing or oxidation can be prevented with proper storage to prevent it to the greatest extent. With an airtight box, it can be stored for a longer period without marking.

In addition to storing in aluminum foil or in a fresh-keeping bag, special cleaning agents can be very effective in removing contamination and oxidation.

925 sterling silver provides sturdy, durable jewelry for men because it is susceptible to high stresses in everyday life. Using silver cloths or dipping baths can eliminate this unsightly staining in a few days.

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