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DTF Powder Shaker: What You Need To Know

DTF Powder Shaker A3 is an advanced and automated solution for spreading DTF powder on the printed image. It is specifically design for DTF printing and has many advanced features that make it a great tool for printing professionals. Here are some of the features of DTF Shaker A3 and some FAQs:


  • DTF Powder Shaker A3 is designed to automatically spread the DTF powder on the printed image, ensuring an even coating and accurate printing.
  • The machine is very easy to use, with a simple interface and intuitive controls that make it easy for beginners.
  • DTF Shaker A3 produces prints with vibrant colors and sharp details.
  • The machine is fast and efficient, with a high-speed motor that can handle large printing volumes.
  • The powder volume can be easily adjusted to suit different printing requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy.
DTF Powder Shaker A3


DTF Powder Shaker A3 is a great tool for printing professionals, providing automated powder spreading, easy operation, high-quality printing, and adjustable powder volume. Its advanced features make it a reliable and efficient solution for all Dtf Transfer Printer needs. DTF Shaker A3 is a reliable and efficient DTF powder shaker.


Q. Is DTF Shaker A3 easy to use?

A. Yes, DTF Shaker A3 is very easy to use, with a simple interface and intuitive controls.

Q. Can DTF Powder Shaker A3 handle large volumes of printing?

A. Yes, DTF Shaker A3 is design to handle large volumes of printing, with a high-speed motor that can handle large volumes of printing.

Q. Is the powder volume adjustable on DTF Shaker?

A. Yes, the powder volume can be easily adjust on DTF Powder Shaker A3 to suit different printing requirements.

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A Great Reason to Add DTF Printing To Your Business

Summary: In the following article, you will learn the Reason for adding DTF Printing To Your Business.

You might have recently seen debates comparing Direct to Film (DTF) printing to DTG printing and wondered what the benefits of DTF All in One technology were.

DTF printing unquestionably offers several advantages that make it the ideal addition for your garment printing business, even while DTG printing creates full-size prints of the highest quality, with vivid colors and an amazingly soft hand feel. Now let’s discuss the specifics!

Direct-to-film printing entails printing a design on a specific film, adding and melting a powder adhesive to the printed film, and pressing the printed design onto the product or garment.

No further special tools are required; all you need to create your print is the software, hot melt powder, and transfer film!

We go through the benefits of this more recent technology below.

1) Use Of Many Different Types Of Materials-

While 100% cotton is ideal for direct-to-garment printing, DTF is compatible with many fabric types, including cotton, nylon, treated leather, polyester, and bright and dark fabrics.

In addition, different surfaces like baggage, shoes, glass, wood, and metal can be covered with the transfers! By applying Dtf Machines for a wide range of products, you may increase the size of your inventory.

2) No Prerequisite For Pretreatment-

You are undoubtedly already familiar with the pretreatment procedure if you possess a DTG printer (not to mention the drying time).

There is no need for pretreatment because the hot melt power supplied to the DTF transfers attaches the print to the material directly!

3) Use far less white ink-

Compared to Dtf Film printing, which uses 200% white ink, DTF printing uses roughly 40% white ink. Reducing the white ink used for your prints will help you save money because white ink is typically the most expensive. After all, it is used more frequently.

4) Longer-Lasting Than DTG Prints-

Because the ink is transferred directly to the fabric, there is no denying that DTG prints have a smooth, hard hand feel. The transfers are more robust, even though DTF prints don’t have the same plush hand feel that DTG can claim.

Direct-to-film transfers are excellent for heavy-use objects because they are flexible, wash well, and won’t peel or break.

5) Simple To Use-

Printing onto a film transfer allows you to apply your design to awkward or difficult-to-reach surfaces. In addition, you can use a DTF design on an area if it can be heated!

You can even offer your printed transfers directly to your consumers and allow them to apply the design to any surface or item they desire without additional tools since all needed to adhere to the image is heat!

6) A More Rapid Production Cycle-

Production time can be greatly reduced if the steps of pretreating and drying your garment are skipped. That’s fantastic news for sporadic or low-volume orders that ordinarily wouldn’t be lucrative.

7) Makes Your Inventory More Adaptable-

With DTF printing, you may print popular designs in advance and keep them using very little space, even though it might not be practical to print a stockpile of your most popular designs onto every size or color of the garment.

Then, you might always have your best-sellers prepared to use on any clothing as required!

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