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What features does a high-voltage power supply have?

The use of an electrostatic precipitator power supply tends to improve efficiency and eliminate dust and leads to higher efficiency. The high-frequency esp pulsed power supply leads to higher output and voltage making precipitator higher.

High Frequency Pulse Power Supply for ESP

The electrostatic precipitator field has a higher voltage and tends to collect the maximum dust and produces higher spark discharge. The working of an electrostatic precipitator allows a higher power supply and leads to higher spark discharge voltage.

SPS Spark Plasma Sintering Power Supply

Control Accuracy and Real-Time Control.

The framework utilizes the implanted double center CPU structure configuration to guarantee the control exactness and constant control; Data show and console embrace shading contact screen activity that can not just showcase the different ongoing working mode boundaries of the hardware activity and the volt-ampere trademark bend, yet show history running state and alert information.

Shortcoming Alarm Fault Handling

The framework has an assortment of shortcoming caution handling capacities and the items have framework cut off and issue taking care of; framework open alert and issue taking care of; incline thyristor excitation caution and issue dealing with; transformer oil temperature, gas invade caution and issue taking care of; client characterized alert and issue taking care of.