Mingqianflocking.com makes textile essentials for your home with a focus on quality, simplicity, and longevity. We live and breathe flock fabrics with generations of experience in the textile industry. We use this deep grounding in textiles and manufacture at the absolute best standards. By listening to our customers and applying the latest fabric technologies, we believe in constantly improving every aspect of our products – functionality, color fastness, feel, and environmental impact. Flock Velvet Fabric will match with any other furnishing designs &colors. The fabric can last longer; soft finished to give a good handle & drape.

Flock Fabrics

Our range of Suede Velvet Fabric is a high-quality upholstery fabric that can use for all furnishings. It has excellent self-texture and a very sophisticated look. However, it looks very classy in living rooms and bedrooms. In addition It is a lovely thick fabric with controlled shrinkage and a soft hand feel. We have tested it to ensure that the colors do not bleed and that the fabric can last for a long time without fading.

Flock Fabrics

Double Sided Velvet Fabric is perfect for home textile, making phone covers, pouches, bags, wallets, glass cloth, scrapbooking, hair bows, embellishment, kids’ crafts, hat making, hair crafts, sewing, wedding festival party decoration, and DIY craft projects. Similarly the velvet fabric can be cut with scissors and will not fray; it can be sewn by hand or machine. The fabric is so soft and comfortable to touch.

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