A high, narrow valley in the upper Humla District of northwest Nepal, Limivalley is cut off from the rest of the country for five to six months each year by the 4940-meter Nyalu pass.

Limi Valley is a confined trans-Himalayan Valley of North-West Nepal, and home of Tibetan speaking people. This last and remote valley of Humla is located in the South-north of Simikot. Untouched by the modern changes and the valley is the mythical Shangri-La of Hidden Himalaya. Historically agro-pastoralist people of Lime Valley are followers of Tibetan Buddhism. Limi Valley is consisting the three ethnic Tibetan Buddhist villages; Jhang, Halji, and Til. Halji (3700m), is the biggest village of Limi Valley, located in middle and it is the home of Rinchenling Monastery the central monastery of the Limi Valley.

Due to its proximity to the Tibet border, the Limi Valley Trek was first opened for trekking in 2002. Limi Valley Trek is a historical commerce and pilgrim route through steep paths and high passes, rivers, and a beautiful Himalayan alpine environment.

Although it is regarded as one of Humla’s most desolate areas, the century-old Buddhist culture still thrives. The Humla Limi Valley Trekincludes a visit to Mount Kailash, one of the holiest mountains in the world.Himalayan Companion’sLimi Valley Trekis the perfect trip that immerses into mystic HumlaLimi valley.

The Limi Valley Trek Highlights

  1. Nepal and Tibet offer a true sense of adventure, as well as secluded and distinctive mountain lives.
  2. A fantastic way to see the Tibetan Buddhists’ distinctive natural and cultural setting, which is also rich in flora and animals.
  3. The breathtaking scenery of Holy Mount Kailash and the snow-capped Himalaya, yet this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  4. Alpine meadows are beautiful and a haven for vegetation and fauna.

What is the best time to visit Limi Valley trek?

The Limi Valley Trek can be done even in monsoon because Limi valley is lying in the rain shadows. During the monsoon season, most trekkers visit Humla, Upper Dolpo Trek, and the Limi Valley trek as part of a pilgrimage to the holy Mt Kailash.

From April through the end of November, though, the weather is pleasant. However, there aren’t many (if any) trekkers on the trail outside of the summer months (June-Sept).

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