Are you in need of an Affidavit of Execution? Well, there is no doubt that you should have a Wills. And also Unfortunately, many people simply cannot afford to pay a professional to prepare one in their limited budget. Instead, they prepare it themselves.

How do I prepare a Will?

A short article cannot cover all the potential pitfalls of preparing a Will.Also, A whole branch of law is dedicated to estate planning. However, we may be able to mention an often-overlooked practical omission that should accompany Wills – an affidavit of execution. Also, You may not even know they exist, let alone include them in your Wills kit. In essence, at least one witness swears that they witnessed you sign the Wills.



Why do I need an Affidavit of Execution?

Also, It is very necessary to provide an affidavit of execution for a Will to be valid. Even so, it is helpful evidence of the fact that can ease the burden on your executor when it comes to administration. The affidavit of execution, for example, is used when a Will is being probated in Ontario.

Further, In the case of a Will that includes the affidavit, the executor can apply immediately. So, It would be difficult to find witnesses from years ago to sign the affidavit if they do not. Perhaps, they moved away or forgot that they signed, or maybe they even passed away.


Unless this is possible, the executor will have to look for other ways to prove the Will’s validity, adding to their burdens when they are likely to also be in mourning.

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