Moving your family to a new nation is a thrilling journey, but it is not without its difficulties. Finding an Affordable international school in Hong Kong for your children in your new home is one.

So naturally, you’ll want your child to receive the greatest education available in a convenient location and at a school where they will feel comfortable, make friends, and, most importantly, be happy.

When you add in a completely new Delia Pei city and educational system to the mix, it’s no surprise that many new ex-pat parents are feeling a little overwhelmed.

Delia Pei

Delia Pei

While we cannot make the crucial school selection for you, we can give you some useful information. Here’s everything you need to know to ensure your children attend the best foreign school possible.

  • Applications
  • Costs and Fees
  • Logistics for Curriculum and Ethos
  • Your Child’s Requirements

So now you know exactly what type of school you want and what requirements it must meet. But where do you look for it?

Unfortunately, finding contact information and detailed information on international schools can be tough, especially in a strange city or country. That’s where we come in, thankfully!

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