It’s already 2022! Do you want to purchase your first Hookah Accessories or hookah pipe? Perhaps you’re looking for a modern hookah, Hookah Near Me or even a budget hookah? There’s a lot to consider when deciding which hookah pipe to buy and for what reason. Travel hookahs, glass hookahs, little and tall hookahs, and various sorts of hookahs are all available. Disposable hookahs constructed of plastic are also available nowadays. Naturally, we’ll decline, but everyone has their own preferences.

What Factors Were Considered When Choosing the Best Hookahs?

We considered the following factors when purchasing a hookah:

  1. How open or restricted the pull is?
  2. How it smokes and what size clouds it produces?
  3. How durable the hookah is?
  4. How easy it is to assemble and disassemble?
  5. How portable the hookah is?
  6. How easy it is to clean?

What is Vyro Hookah?

The VYRO – One, which is built of V2A stainless steel and real carbon, is the ideal travel hookah. AEON has been designing, developing, and testing the VYRO – One since the summer of 2018. Because the VYRO – One’s body is composed of genuine carbon rather than glass, it’s ideal for festivals and extremely stable.

Our newly built blow-out device allows us to blast away smoke beneath the water for the first time. The VYRO – One has been created with the hookah’s entire center of gravity lowered, and despite its small size, it stands quite sturdy and does not readily tip over. Both the hose connection and the blow-off valve are on the bottom of the One.

The amazing fact that the hose is attached to the bottom prevents the hose from kinking or the hookah from being tossed when pulling on it. The VYRO – One boasts a nice draught and an inbuilt diffuser. The sleeves are interchangeable in the v2 versions!

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