The vinyl gloves are make from only the highest materials and contain a special lead compound for radiation protection. The gloves are use to offset the risk of scatter beam radiation exposure during fluoroscopy, cardiac Cath lab, and electrophysiology lab. Radiation Protection Gloves are use to offset the risk of scatter beam radiation exposure during fluoroscopy and electrophysiology processes. In addition, the gloves are crucial for medical personnel who work with and around x-ray equipment.

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Butyl Gloves are artificial rubber that exhibits the highest permeation resistance to gas or water vapor of any glove polymer available today. As a result, the Industrial Gloves offer adequate protection against a considerably more comprehensive range of aggressive Industrial Gloves chemicals. The gloves offer the highest permeability to water vapors, gases, and toxic chemicals, including most missile fuels. The gloves are the best butyl gloves for protection against alcohol, ketones, and highly corrosive acids and offer excellent comfort.

Butyl Rubber Gloves

Natural Rubber Gloves provide excellent chemical resistance in applications involving acids, ketones, esters, and amine derivatives. The gloves have a high permeation resistance to gases and water vapors and provide heavy chemical resistance to esters, ketones, and acids. The glove for use in gloves protects against aldehydes, ketones, and esters as well as concentrated mineral acids. The glove is make of a Butyl layer. The elastomer is an isoprene/isobutylene copolymer rubber. To check out the range of gloves, you can visit the official website.

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