provides suspension parts such as the front, rear, upper, or lower control arms. Our control arms are critical components of a vehicle’s suspension and steering systems. Control Arm Supplier are special in manufacturing track control arms using the forging technique with press steel or aluminum as the key material. In addition, we provide arm forgings and rubber bush for many control arm manufacturers.

Control Arm Factory

Lower Arm Factory manufacture by stamp separate details of the arm out of steel sheets and pressing. Our also control arms are made from steel. The arms are manufacture by stamp separate arm details out of steel sheets. Our Control Arm Factory , also known as an A-arm, is a hing suspension link between the chassis and the suspension upright. Our arm plays a significant role in the independent suspension systemxetc.

Control Arm Wholesale

Control Arm Supplier offers additional alignment solutions to optimize alignments, such as strut top mounts and suspension bush. We control arms either come in a fixed or flexible solution depend on vehicle application.they have a high range of movement base on vehicle application, some more than others. i also known for being the best global due to their specific application features per bushing and the unique polyurethane blend use also in the manufacture process. We offer compare to many other brands. Is that they are built to OE design specifications.

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