Anywhere in front of your business, a mall, a bank, a hotel, or anything else is a great location for an outdoor digital totem! a Glass panel with weather resistance and protection for continuous outdoor presentations!

One of the most resilient interactive freestanding multimedia solutions for outdoor advertising and public information in China is Outdoor LCD Signage’s Outdoor Free Standing Totem Display or Outdoor Highlight LCD Displays.

This kiosk for digital signage or a totem display is sturdy and reliable. This totem display is strong and long-lasting thanks to its stainless steel casing, Outdoor Free Standing Totem Lcd Screen, and protective glass. To avoid overheating or freezing, this outdoor LED display also incorporates a closed loop heating or cooling system. It also has a remote monitoring or control feature that gives its advanced multimedia hardware protection and management. Why not give it a try and see how the relationship with customers or bystanders can improve? The outdoor advertising display operates either effortlessly in Nordic winters or in extremely hot summers in the Middle East.

You can pick from a variety of sizes for the outdoor digital display. The units, which come in single-sided and double-sided options, are an easy way to use digital signage to display advertisements or to deliver educational messages using a sturdy, elegant digital signage display with a stainless steel body that safeguards its electronics from theft and vandalism risks. Digital signage is typically utilized in places like gas stations, parks, and entryways to public spaces, shopping centers, or hotels. Check out our interior Digital Totem solutions if you want to use the touch-enabled Outdoor Highlight LCD Displays.

Outdoor LCD Digital Totem

• Suited for professional IP-certified outdoor screen
• Easy to use sturdy construction for outdoor advertising
• Outdoor screens with IK10 protective front glass panels are rated at IP56
• Video and photo input by USB disc directly to screen memory; self-cooling system; 24/7/365 operation
• Ready-to-use software for central content and device administration
• With a ground grounding plate and an electrical connection, direct WiFi connections

How it functions

• It’s predicted to rain, according to the weather.
• A great moment to advertise your choice of the umbrella!
• Simply upload your content using WiFi or a USB stick, and you’re good to go!
• Allow the AI to display the promotion automatically based on the weather forecast.
• Watching your satisfied clients enjoy their new umbrellas is all that’s left to do.

By Team