Dolpo is one of Nepal’s most under-explored regions. It is located in western Nepal and contains numerous hidden valleys and canyons. Because it is in a rain shadow region of Nepal, there are few green hills. You can experience the hard brown landscape while taking in the spectacular scenery of Nepal’s arid desert.

The following are the top five facts to know about Dolpo region Trek.

Culture and Religion

Sparsely populated Dolpo is home to multi-cultural inhabitants and the followers of Hinduism and Shamanism, Bon, and Tibetan Buddhism. Though the Dolpo is dividedintotwo-part ‘Lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo’ we comprehend three parts; Lower Belt, Middle Belt, and Upper Belt based on culture and tradition.

Lower Dolpo is majorly dominated by Khasan people purely Hinduism and Shamanism followers have their Khasan culture. The Khasan valley is then, a garden of Hindu cast such as Brahmin, Kshetries, Thakuries, and others. They celebrate Hindu major festival like, Dashain, Deepawali, JanaiPurnima, MagheSangkranti, and Shaman festival like SaunePuni, BhadauPuni and KartikPuni.

Phoksundo Lake

Phoksundolake is located within Shey Phoksundo national park in the Dolpo region. Nepal’s deepest lake features turquoise blue water and a serene setting. Rocky hills and dense trees surround this lake.

The lake lies within the largest national park in Nepal ‘SheyPhoksundo National Park. The stunning lake suddenly changes its color into distinct colors throughout the different times of the day. Adjacent to the lake, a Bon Village called ‘Ringmo’ further enriches the appearance of the Lake.

Mount Dhaulagiri

Mount Dhaulagiri is the world’s seventh tallest peak. It is 8,167 meters high and lies between the country’s border and places like Dolpo on the other side. From your flight and during your journey to Dolpo, you may take in the breathtaking views of Dhaulagiri.


Kanjirowa is a stunning peak in the Dolpo region. It’s only 6,883 meters above sea level, and you may climb to the top of the Dolpo region. During the mountaineering trip to the top, you will also be able to explore the rich flora and animals present surrounding Kanjirowa.

Villages in high altitudes

The majority of the communities in the Dolpo region are located at high elevations. The majority of Dolpo is 3500 meters above sea level. The communities in Dolpo are among the world’s tallest settlements. Because of the little outside interaction, there is a strong sense of community.Chharka village and DhoTarap Village are one of the highest human settlements in the world with altitudes of 4350m and
4250m above sea level.


The walk to Dolpo is one of the most exciting hikes in Nepal. Trekking in the Dolpo region of Nepal will expose you to a variety of landscapes and the rough beauty of the country. You can enjoy the amazing Dolpo Trek including Lower Dolpo Trek.

The walk will be difficult but lovely as you take in the diverse culture along the route. Along the trip, you’ll camp in tents and local villages to get closer to nature and the Dolpo community.

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